Beautifully coloured map of the Holy Land from the 1579 Latin edition of Abraham Ortelius’ landmark atlas “Theatrum Orbis Terrarum”, the first modern atlas of the world. This example is the second version of the Palestine map, is based on the work of Tileman Stella of Siena and first appeared in the Ortelius atlas in 1579. The map, which is dated 1579 and displays the area from the Egypt’s Nile Delta and the Sinai in the south-west to northern modern day Lebanon in the north-east, shows route of the Exodus with numbers corresponding the years spent on the journey. It is decorated with two large ornate strapwork cartouches, five sailing ships and a sea monster. A description of Palestine appears on the verso in Latin. Other than some very minor repairs to the centrefold, the map is a strong, dark impression in excellent condition. 34.5 cm x 46 cm