Beautifully coloured town plan of London from the landmark Braun & Hogenberg atlas of cities throughout the world entitled “Civitates Orbis Terrarum” first published in 1572. This example is the second state of the plan, appearing in editions of the Civitates beginning in 1574, with the “Westmuster” spelling and containing the Royal Exchange. The plan is based on an earlier16th century survey of London as St. Paul’s is shown with its steeple that was destroyed in 1561. In showing details of building and landmarks, the map offers the viewer an insight into 16th century life in the city. On the south-bank of the Thames, both bull baiting and bear baiting arenas are shown, while beer houses appear in several locations on the north-bank. Typical of Civitates maps, noble residents of the city are shown in the foreground in period dress. A description of London appears verso in Latin. A lovely example of the earliest available map of London in excellent condition. 33 cm x 48.5 cm