Coloured map of Virginia and Maryland from John Speed’s “A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World” that was included only in the Bassett and Chiswell 1676 edition. The map, which was engraved by Francis Lamb, is based on, and oriented to the west in the same way as, John Smith’s map of Virginia that was first published in 1612. It is the first map of this region to be updated with the information from Augustine Herrman's "Virginia and Maryland As it is Planted and Inhabited this present Year 1670…" and show the newly established state borders as well as the towns, counties, etc. in their recently designated English names. Curiously, on this example a former owner has placed a small imprint of the London coat of arms to the right of the title cartouche. A description of the region appears on the verso in English. This finely coloured map is in excellent condition. 37.5 cm x 49 cm