Uncoloured map of the British Isles on two pages from the “Parergon” addendum to the 1592 Latin edition of Abraham Ortelius’ landmark atlas “Theatrum Orbis Terrarum”, the first modern atlas of the world. This map, which was only included in the Ortelius atlas from 1590 until 1592, is based on the landmark Mercator map of the British Isles issued in 1564 but uses updated information from Saxton to chart the coastlines of England and Wales. Appearing in two separate pages in the atlas, the northern map shows Scotland, the surrounding island and only the very north part of England while the southern map covers Ireland and the majority of England. The maps, which contain names of the Saxton tribes andshow towns and cities with their ancient names, is richly decorated with galleons, ornate strap-work cartouches and a naval battle involving two opposing fleets. A description of the British Isles appears verso in Latin on both maps. The maps, which are both from the same 1592 Latin edition of the atlas, are in excellent condition. Two separate sheets: 36 cm x 49 cm (North) 37.5 cm x 49.5 (South)