Coloured sea chart of the south-west coast of the British Isles from the Latin edition of Waghenaer’s landmark atlas of sea charts “Spieghel der Zeervaerdt”, translated as the Mirror of the Sea. The atlas, which was originally published in Dutch in 1584, was translated into Latin (1586) and French (1590) and a pirated version was published in English (1588). This chart, which was beautifully composed and engraved by Baptist and Johannes van Deutecom, shows the south-west coast of England from Plymouth in the east to the Isles of Scilly (De Sorlinges) in the west. The chart is decorated with a compass rose, a sea monster, several sailing ships and two strap-work cartouches. A description of the region appears on the verso in Latin. Other than some professional repairs to the side margin just entering the decorative border, a finely coloured example in very good condition. 33 cm x 51.5 cm