Coloured map of Cheshire from “An Atlas of England and Wales by Christopher Saxton”, the first atlas of England and Wales initially appearing in 1579. The atlas contains 34 county maps and a map of England and Wales, which were engraved between 1574 and 1578, based on surveys undertaken by Saxton and funded by Thomas Seckford, master of Requests to Queen Elizabeth. Saxton’s surveys were enormously important and continued to form the basis for English atlases for nearly 200 years. This map, which is dated 1577, was engraved by Francis Scatter and was the first separately issued map of the county, is decorated with an ornate strap-work cartouche sitting under the Royal coat of arms of Queen Elizabeth, the coat of arms of Thomas Seckford, sailing ships and sea monsters. Blank verso and showing the bunch of grapes watermark. This finely coloured map is in excellent condition. 39 cm x 51.5 cm