Carte-a-figures map of the kingdom of Poland, as it existed in the early 17th century, from an early George Humble edition of John Speed’s “A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World”. The map, which is among the most decorative available of this region, shows the area from the Baltic Sea (shown as the East Sea) in the north to the region just below Krakow (Cracovia) in the south and from the borders of Russia in the east to Prague in the west. It is decorated across the top with views of six cities including Cracovia (Krakow), Dantzick (Gdansk) and Breslaw (Wroclaw) as well as the image of Sigismund III Vasa, the king of Poland who reigned from 1587 to 1632. The panels down both sides depict men and women of the region in period dress together with the coats of arms of Poland and Silesia. A description of Poland in English appears verso. Other than the addition of a top border to facilitate framing, a finely coloured map in excellent condition. 40 cm x 50.5 cm