Coloured map of the Polish Empire by Henri Abraham Chatelain, taken from his “Atlas Historique”, that was published in seven volumes from 1705 until 1720. The map, which extends from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south, also includes parts of Latvia (Livonie), Russia, and the Turkish Empire; among others. The top left of the map shows a chronology of the Kings of Poland, the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and other nobles along with a listing of famous battles that took place in the region. On the top right is an alphabetical listing of prominent towns in the region along with a key to locate their grid position. The map is decorated down the sides with the coats of arms of the provinces of the Polish Empire. Blank verso. Other than a repaired tear to the top of the map, this is a finely coloured example in excellent condition. 50 cm x 59.5 cm