Coloured map of the West Indies, Southern United States, Central America and the northern part of South America by Nicolaes Visscher, probably taken from the “Atlas Minor”, a composite atlas that was first published in 1682. This map is believed to be coloured by Dirk Jansz van Santen, the most famous Dutch map colourist of the 17th century, and is beautifully illuminated with gold highlights placed throughout the map. The cartographical detail is derived from earlier Dutch maps of the mid-17th century as it was not updated with the most recent discoveries and continues to show inaccuracies, such as a large lake in the state of Georgia and an incorrect placement of the Appalachian Mountains. The map is decorated with two cartouches showing mythological creatures and several sailing ships. Blank verso. This finely coloured map is in excellent condition. 46 cm x 56.5 cm