Coloured carte a figures map of Ireland from the first Sudbury & Humble edition of John Speed’s “Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain”. Considered to be one of the most decorative and best maps of Ireland of the period, it is based on the 1595 map of Gerard Mercator as well as surveys done by Robert Lythe in the 1570’s and Francis Jobson in the 1590’s. The map, which shows the details of the provinces and counties of Ireland, depicts six period figures of Irish inhabitants including a Gentleman, Gentlewoman, Civill Woman, Civill Man, Wilde Man and Wilde Woman. Other decorative features comprise a compass rose, sea monsters, cherubs, a royal coat of arms and sailing ships. A description of Ireland appears verso in English. A beautifully coloured example with wide margins on heavy, stable paper in excellent condition. 38.5 cm x 51 cm