Coloured map of Scotland by Joan Blaeu from the first atlas devoted solely to Scotland entitled “Theatrum Scotiae” first published in 1654. This detailed map is based on the work of Robert Gordon of Straloch, a noted cartographer who worked with Timothy Pont on a project to create a Scottish atlas, which was finally realised by Blaeu. The plate is divided into two sections, the left panel of which includes the whole of mainland Scotland from its southern border with England to the southern part of the Orkney Islands in the north while the right panel displays the north-east tip of the Scottish mainland and the entirety of the Orkney and Shetland Islands. The map is decorated with three finely engraved title and descriptive cartouches, the bottom of which incorporates the coat of arms of the Duke of Hamilton, to whom the map is dedicated. A description of Scotland appears verso in Latin. The map has some repairs to the centrefold and top corners in the blank margins, otherwise it is in very good condition. 42 cm x 55 cm