Coloured map of the Holy Land from the Bassett & Chiswell edition of John Speed’s “A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World”. Based on the Ortelius map and covering the area from the Egypt’s Nile Delta and the Sinai in the south-west and the whole of Palestine on both sides of the Jordan, the map shows the borders of the 13 tribes of Israel, along with images of their standards. The Exodus route is charted showing the encampments of the Israelites and related events such as the crossing of the Red Sea. The map is decorated with the images of Moses, with the 10 commandments, and Aaron at the top, Jonah and the whale in the Middle Earth (Mediterranean) Sea, a compass rose and sea monsters. A plan of Jerusalem is inset at the top left surrounded by images of the Temple vessels. A description of Palestine appears verso in English. Other than professional repairs to the blank margins not affecting the image, a finely coloured example in very good condition. 39 cm x 52 cm