Old coloured map of Russia from the early 1571 Latin edition of Abraham Ortelius’ landmark atlas “Theatrum Orbis Terrarum”, the first modern atlas of the world. This map, which was included in the Ortelius atlas since 1570 and covers the area from the Baltic States in the east to Tashkent and the Cossack regions in the west, is based on now lost Anthony Jenkinson’s 1562 map of the region based on his travels with the English Moscovy Company. It is decorated with several depictions of indigenous people and animals, including a very strange one showing a burial ritual in which the deceased are hung from trees. A description of Russia appears on the verso in Latin. Other than some toning to the paper and a few pin-holes, the map is a lovely old coloured example in very good condition. 35 cm x 44.5 cm