A large two sheet, lightly old outline coloured map of North America by Herman Moll first published ca 1720 in Moll’s elephant folio atlas “The World Described”. Known as the “Codfish Map” due to the depiction of a Newfoundland cod fishery, this example is from the final state of this map, which is rarely seen on the market. Covering the area from Greenland in the north to the northern coast of South America, the map strangely continues to incorrectly show California as an island. However, in other respects Moll incorporates new information into this final state, which has been updated with several significant revisions including: (i) an enlargement of the borders of the colonies of Virginia, North and South Carolina and Georgia so that they continue westward to the Mississippi River to expand British claims to the region at the expense of France’s Louisiana territory, (ii) the Great Lakes have been reworked and improved and Lake Fronenac has been renamed to Lake Ontario and (iii) the mapping of several river systems are more accurately reconfigured, including the Ohio, James and Potomac rivers. As with earlier maps, details of the northwest region of the continent are absent and incomplete with much of the area simply being labelled “Parts Unknown”. The left side of the map contains a title cartouche with images of indigenous people, a section with an image of a Newfoundland cod fishery along with a key identifying parts thereof and an inset showing 10 major harbours of the Americas including St. John, Boston, New York, Charleston and Havana. Blank verso. Other than two tiny holes and some strengthening and repairs to splits in the folds without loss, the map is in very good condition. 59 cm x 96 cm