Uncoloured map of the world by Rumold Mercator, the son of Gerard Mercator, from a 1595 atlas issued by the Mercator family, which was the first year of its publication. Only three editions of the atlas were published by the Mercator family, two in 1595 (classified by Koeman as “A” and “B” versions) and a third in 1602. Based on the text below the map and on the verso, this example is taken from the 1595 “B” atlas and is not often seen on the market. The map was first issued in 1587 as part of Isaac Casaubon’s publication of Strabo’s Geographia and is a reduced, double hemisphere version of Gerard Mercator’s landmark 1569 large scale world map. The map incorporates many of the same misconceptions of the period including the large bulge on the west coast of South America and the presence of an enormous continent covering much of the southern portions of both hemispheres, but correctly shows California as a peninsula rather than an island as was incorrectly done throughout the 17th century. The map is surrounded by finely engraved strapwork decoration with an armillary sphere and a compass rose in the top and bottom centre, respectively. A brief description of the map appears on the verso in Latin. A fine impression of this rare map in excellent condition. 35.5 cm x 52 cm