Coloured carte-a-figures map of China from the Bassett & Chiswell edition of John Speed’s “A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World”. The map covers the area from India in the west to a misshapen Japan in the east, with North America just appearing in the top-most north-east corner. It clearly shows the Great Wall of China, describing it as a barrier to keep out the Tartars, and curiously depicts Korea as a long, thin island. It is decorated across the top with views of two cities, Macao and Quinzay or Hangchow, which was the capital of China under the Sung dynasty, and two further panels with vignettes showing the manner of travel and execution in the region. The panels down both sides depict of men and women of the region in period dress. A description of the Kingdom of China in English appears verso. Other than professionally repaired top and bottom centrefold splits, the map is a strong, dark impression on heavy paper in excellent condition. 39.5 cm x 51.5 cm