Old coloured, recently refreshed, map of South-East Asia from the 1584 Latin edition of Abraham Ortelius’ landmark atlas “Theatrum Orbis Terrarum”, the first modern atlas of the world. This map, which was included in the Ortelius atlas since it was first published in 1570, is based on the 1569 map of the world by Mercator. Decorated with sailing ships, mermaids, a sea monster and a whale, the map covers the region from Persia to New Guinea while also showing China, Japan and the west coast of North America. At this time, the islands of the Pacific were not well surveyed; as a result many places, including Japan, the Philippines, Java, and Sumatra are not accurately shown. A description of the region appears on the verso in Latin. The top right corner of the margin (well away from the printed area) has been professionally restored; otherwise, a strong, dark impression in excellent condition. 35 cm x 49.5 cm