Old coloured celestial chart of the constellations visible from the northern hemisphere based on the work of Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr, a German astronomer and cartographer. Although dated 1730, the chart is thought to originate ca 1720 and was included in certain terrestrial atlases of Johann Baptist Homann, a prolific German mapmaker and cartographer. In 1742, this chart, along with 29 others by Dopplemayr, was bound into a celestial atlas entitled “Atlas Coelestis in quo Mundus Spectabilis…” and published by Homann Heirs. Centered on the north pole, the chart presents a view of the constellations, which are identified by their Latin name and depicted in outline as various creatures and objects, both mythical and real. The side borders contain detailed information for each constellation and the external corners of the hemisphere are decorated with banks of clouds and putti holding scientific instruments. Blank verso. The chart is in excellent condition. 48 cm x 57.5 cm