Coloured sea chart of Plymouth Sound and the immediately surrounding area taken from Collins’ landmark publication entitled “Great Britain’s Coasting Pilot”, first published in 1693. The publication, which was the first national compilation of sea charts devoted to the British Isles, was reissued, without revision to the charts, approximately 20 times between the years 1723 – 1792. Containing 47 sea charts, the Coasting Pilot was based on surveys done by Collins and was considered to be the most accurate source available during the majority of the 18th century. The chart contains a decorative cartouche dedicated to the right honourable Arthur, the Earle of Torrington, and an inset showing details of the Salcombe area. Blank verso. Other than a few printers creases, a finely coloured example on heavy paper in excellent condition. 44 cm x 55.5 cm