Coloured chart of the universe from the Schenk and Valk edition of Andreas Cellarius’ celestial atlas entitled “Harmonia Macrocosmica”, which was initially issued by Jansson in 1660. The Harmonia, which is generally considered to be finest celestial atlas ever produced, contained 29 charts of the heavens including several showing the movement of the planets according to various contemporary theories and others displaying the constellations as seen from different parts of the Earth. This chart, whose title is translated as “Brahe's Planisphere, or the Structure of the World as a Whole, Based on the Hypothesis of Tycho Brahe, Outlined in a Plane”, depicts Brahe’s late 16th century geo-centric view of the universe which attempted to combine the classical Ptolemaic system with the then modern interpretation of Nicolaus Copernicus. The chart illustrates Brahe’s “Tychonic System”, in which the Sun, Moon and stars (represented as signs of the zodiac) revolve around the Earth while the other five planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) revolve around the Sun. Blank verso. A finely coloured, sumptuously decorated example in excellent condition. 42 cm x 51.5 cm