Old-coloured sea chart, heightened with gold, from Volume 1 of Johannes van Keulen’s atlas of sea charts entitled “De Nieuwe Groote Lichtende Zee-Fackel” first published in Amsterdam in 1680. The atlas proved to be very popular and continued to be published throughout the 18th century, during which time it was expanded to six volumes by his heirs including Gerard, Johannes II and Gerard Hulst. This chart, which is oriented to the south, covers the north-west coast of Scotland, from Cape Wrath in the north to Isle of Skye in the south, and the northern islands of the Outer Hebrides including Lewis and an oversized St. Kilda. The chart is decorated with a title cartouche surrounded by three cartographers with their instruments and charts, compass roses, sea monsters and a sailing ship. Blank verso. Other than some minor discolouration, a finely coloured example in very good condition. 50.5 cm x 58 cm