Coloured map of Russia from John Speed’s “A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World” that was included only in the Bassett and Chiswell 1676 edition. The map, which was engraved by Francis Lamb, covers the area from Tartary in the east to Baltic states, Poland and Germany in the west and from Turkey and Armenia in the south to Finland (Lapland) in the north. A plan of Moscow appears in the top left along with a key identifying 19 places of interest in the city. The map is decorated with a title cartouche surmounted with Russians and the Romanov coat of arms and five views of: Narva Castle, a 13th century fortress now located in Estonia, the White Sea port city of Archangel, the Emperor’s Court in Moscow, a hot house (sauna) and a mill. A description of the Russia appears on the verso in English. Other than a minor repair to the bottom blank margin, a finely coloured, strong, dark impression in excellent condition. 40 cm x 50.5 cm