Old coloured, recently refreshed, continental map of Europe from a 1570 Latin edition of Abraham Ortelius’ landmark atlas “Theatrum Orbis Terrarum”, the first modern atlas of the world (1570L(B) in van den Broecke’s Ortelius guide). This map, which was included in the Ortelius atlas since its inception in 1570, is based principally on Mercator’s 1554 map of Europe and is augmented with the work of several other mapmakers including Gastaldi for southern Asia and north Africa, Jenkinson for Russia and Olaus Magnus for Scandinavia. The map shows two mythical islands to the west of Ireland (Demar and Brasil) and is decorated with an understated title cartouche depicting Europa sitting on Zeus in the form of a bull, a sailing ship and a compass rose. A description of the region appears on the verso in Latin. Other than two tiny pinholes and a repaired bottom centrefold split, the map is in excellent condition. 34 cm x 46.5 cm