A beautifully engraved, large-scale sea chart of the of the northeast coast of North America by Jacques Nicolas Bellin commissioned by the Dépôt des Cartes et Plans de la Marine for use by the French navy during the latter half of the 18th century. This detailed chart, which is dated 1757 and is one of a series of charts created for the Dépôt, covers the area from central New Jersey in the south to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (St. Jean) in the north. A large inset of Boston harbour (without rhumb lines identifying it as a first state) appears in the bottom right portion, which includes details of settlements, small islands, shoals and depth soundings. Prepared during the years of the French and Indian Wars, the chart identifies several British and French forts in the region and shows a comprehensive view of waterways and settlements inland from the coast as far west as the Hudson River and Albany. The title cartouche is surrounded by a finely engraved floral frame with the Bourbon royal coat of arms in the top centre. Blank verso. A lovely, dark impression with full margins on heavy, stable paper in excellent condition. 54.5 cm x 88 cm